Pond Care Pond Salt


• Short-term salt baths will aid in killing external parasites and treating fungal infections.

• Provides osmotic relief to koi

• Improves oxygen update in gills

• Helps reduce the harmful effects of nitrite

• Naturally made from evaporated seawater



pondcare koi pond salt

PondCare’s all-natural sea salt replaces electrolytes including potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. These are essential for koi’s uptake of oxygen as well as the release of carbon dioxide and ammonia. Helps reduce toxic effects of nitrite.

Desired salinity levels will vary by pond owner & application.  Here are some examples of how to raise salinity.

500 gallons to 0.1% = add 4.1 pounds of salt

500 gallons to 0.2% = add 8.3 pounds of salt.

Additional information


4.4 lb., 9.6 lb., 50 lb.

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